Our Current and Past Clients

•Department of Homeland Security

•Metropolitan Police Department


•Watkins Security

•MCN Build

•Hampshire Hall Condominiums

•Briar Village Owner’s Association  

•Georgetown University Public Safety

•Allied Barton Security

•Huntcrest Condominiums

•McDonald’s (independent owners)


What our clients say:

•“Hampshire Hall Condominiums experienced a series of break-ins, thefts and damages to vehicles, as well as a substantial increase of loiterers. Since the acquisition of ASATS, and through the use of continual mobile and foot patrols within the community, there have been no major incidents to report.”
– Cassandra Doyle, President, Hampshire Hall Board of Directors

•“We sought the services of ASATS and it was one of the best actions we have taken to improve our community. The assigned officers quickly identified the problem areas and the problem people; made themselves familiar with our rules and regulations; and can articulate them to violators. Officers have not hesitated to take quick action when issues arise...”
– Chiquinta J. Moses President, Board of Directors, Briar Village Owner’s Association  

•“Mr. Isaiah Abraham is a true professional from the classroom to the firearm range. His classroom syllabus included an in-depth oral examination, fundamentals of marksmanship, safe handling of the firearm and its parts (disassembling and reassembling the weapon), grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breathing and follow through as well as loading and unloading the weapon.”
Douglas Thomas, Jr., (except from letter sent directly to District of Columbia Chief of Police Cathy L. Lanier)


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