Off-Duty Police Officers


For the added protection and sense of security that comes from knowing you have a highly skilled and trained police officer on the job, let Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. provide you with off duty police officers. We customize solutions to meet your unique needs and these services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for short and long-term off duty law enforcement assignments.

Many of the services we provide are either restricted to or better performed by highly skilled and trained police officers. These services include:

  • Standing Post Officers
  • Officers for Special Events Security
  • Officers for Traffic Control and Direction
  • Business Patrols
  • Multi-Family Patrols
  • Executive/Personal Protection
  • Armed Escort Service
  • Officers Workplace Assistance
  • Officers for Legal Issues
  • Officers for Store/Facility Closings
  • Officers for Inventory Liquidations
  • Officers for Commitment Escorts