Maryland 4 Hr. Firearm Safety Course (HQL)

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Maryland 4 Hr. Firearm Safety Course (HQL)

This is a required 4 hour course for new purchasers of handguns in the state of Maryland. Certain exceptions apply. The course will include the following topics: pistol knowledge and operation, pistol action types, rules for safe gun handling and use, ammunition knowledge, fundamentals of pistol shooting, intro to MD firearms laws, selecting your first pistol, maintenance and storage and the application process.

Pre-requisites:  No prior experience required for this course. 

NOTE:  This course does not include range fees, firearm, nor ammunition.  All items can be rented at the range.

NOTE:  We offer LiveScan fingerprints (required for the HQL), right in our office. 

–Fingerprint services available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – 11am – 5pm.