Close Protection

Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. provides the highest level of close protection services to business executives, high profile celebrities, government officials, victims of domestic violence and anyone who is in need of specialized personal protection. We do not spare any effort when your safety is in question. Our Close Protection Agents are Trained for Trust to anticipate threats and effectively avoid them.

Certain places and situations warrant the use of security escorts or bodyguards. In these circumstances, Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. turns to its team of reliable close protection agents whose mission is to ensure that clients are shielded from physical harm. Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. advocates low profile security and can arrange qualified close protection details almost anywhere in the world.

Personal Protection Agent

In higher-threat destinations, many organizations employ security escorts to help protect the safety and well being of middle managers and other employees. In addition to close protection support, security escorts provide guidance and advice regarding travel to certain areas of the city – and even the selection of a restaurant that meets acceptable security standards. A security escort is extremely valuable in locations where security conditions can change on a moment’s notice.  Security escorts also have a business value by enhancing peace-of-mind. Instead of worrying about security issues, the traveler can better focus on business issues – the reason why they are visiting the locale.